3 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

January 9, 2018

In my book How Happy is Your Health? I give you plenty of great ways to help you to get to your optimum weight. Here are 3 extra quick tips that will help you lose weight.

1. Cut your portions in half: Put the food that you are intending to eat on your plate, and then take a knife out and half your portion. You will eat one half and the other you will put away for another meal. My grandmother who was always slim, used to say to me that she eats a little bit of everything. The key is to eat a little bit of everything.

2. Put a mirror on your fridge: Do you open your fridge unconsciously when you are bored and stressed, even when you are not hungry? If you do, try putting a mirror on your fridge. The mirror will force you to do a double take and see yourself, which will make you become conscious. Then, in that split second, you can make the conscious decision whether you really are hungry or you are opening the fridge to comfort eat. This will work equally on a pantry!

3. Eat raw, organic food: Raw food is going to help you to digest food much easier. It is full of natural enzymes that can help to support digestion. Our bodies and cells are made up of natural enzymes that help us function, whether it is to move, breathe or digest our food. Since enzymes are sensitive to heat, cooking destroys most of them, which means that raw fruit and vegetables are much easier to digest than cooked food and so encourage you to lose weight.

For more health tips read my book How Happy is Your Health?

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