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Hi, I’m Dr Sophie,

And as much as I have achieved, like everyone, I’ve had to face a lot of life hurdles.

I have been let go from my dream job, been single way longer than intended, and lost a baby at 6 months pregnant. But my life work in many ways was sealed at 7 years old when I started to be bullied with no one to turn to for help. By 14, I was doing Transcendental Meditation every day, Pilates, Alexander Technique, and going to therapy to help heal a back injury, which I knew had as much to do with the stress from bullying and feeling unsupported as it was physical.

Throughout my teens, I immersed myself in as many mind, body, spirit healing modalities as I could, and not only did my body heal, but also my protective masks and armor started to drop away. Over time, I became happier and happier inside, regardless of what was happening, or what anyone was doing to me on the outside.

It was in those very early days, at 21, when I started training as a therapist, that it became clear that my extreme sensitivity is where my inspiration, talent, and strength lie. You’ll find me shy at times, loving and direct, with a wicked sense of humor. My mission is to help you thrive on the inside so that you can flourish on the outside.

Fun Facts About Sophie


Practiced Transcendental Meditation from 14yrs


Had tea with Prince Charles 


Fire walked three times


Had dinner with Jack Nicholson


Swam with wild dolphins in Costa Rica


Fasted in Thailand multiple times


Swam with manta ray in the Maldives


Steve Martin played the banjo to me


Performed a one woman show for a year


Eat dark chocolate every day

About Dr. Sophie Keller

Dr. Sophie Keller is a global leader in the happiness & wellbeing field. She is a best-selling author, journalist, commentator, speaker, and consultant. Her PhD specializes in how to use wellbeing principles to design and build workspaces for optimum health, relationships, flow and productivity.

Founder & COO

Dr. Sophie is co-founder and former COO of Village Workspaces, a coworking brand in Los Angeles, designed as a result of her seven years of doctorate research on work, design, wellbeing, and flow.  The success of which has been proven by the Village members, who have won Oscars, Emmys, Critic’s Choice Awards, BAFTAs, and Webbys while at the Village. Multiple brands have launched new technologies, innovative products, raised billions of dollars, and launched IPO’s. Soundcloud, Shopify, Vox Media, Caldwell Banker, Billie Eilish Management, and many other companies have flourished in Village Workspaces.


Dr. Sophie is also the best-selling author of four books on happiness in relationships, health and feng shui design … How Happy is Your Love Life? 50 Great Tips to Help You Attract and Keep Your Perfect Partner; How Happy is Your Health? 50 Great Tips to Help You Live a Long and Healthy Life; How Happy is Your Marriage? 50 Great Tips to Make Your Relationship Last Forever; And, How Happy is Your Home? 50 Great Tips to Bring More Health, Wealth and Joy into Your Home.  

Journalist & Commentator

Sophie regularly speaks on wellness and wellbeing on network television and has had her own segment series on Tribune’s KTLA 5 Morning News called The Balanced Life and on Good Day Chicago called How to be Happy at Work. As a journalist, Sophie has written over 100 articles and videos sharing lifestyle advice for the Huffington Post and AOL. She is also regularly featured in publications such as The Times, Self, Whole Living, Woman’s Own, Redbook, Family Circle.

Lifestyle Consultant & Brand Ambassador

Companies, such as Bank of America and LG Electronics, often hire Sophie as a lifestyle consultant and Happiness Ambassador to help create wellness and wellbeing messaging, so they can more easily connect with their current customers and expand their audience. Dr. Sophie, has also consulted with the Prince of Wales on his environmental work and co-wrote 4 environmental films for Al Gore’s, Live Earth

Workspace Consulting & Speaking 

As a keynote, Sophie gives actionable design and wellness advice to individuals and organizations on how to create a modern and expressive workspace that encourages a happier, healthier, and more harmoniously connected team. Her actionable advice is indispensable, regardless of whether working from home, a workspace, or a hybrid of both. 

Coaching & Other Diplomas

Dr. Keller originally trained in multiple mind, body, and spirit practices. She has worked as a coach for CEO’s, Royalty, celebrities and everyday people and is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.  Some of her diplomas include as a hypnotherapist, master coach in NLP, feng shui designer, astrologer, and yoga teacher. 


Sophie has a MA in Acting from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and worked extensively in film, TV and theater. She has been a series regular on two TV shows. In the UK, Sophie played a detective for a year and she was critically acclaimed in the US for her lead role as a doctor on ABC’s drama Gideon’s Crossing, which inspired her to become a doctor herself, in the field of happiness. Her one-woman show,  ‘I’d Rather Be Weird Than Dead’ transferred to three theaters.