Why Ivanka Trump’s Exit From Politics Would be a Smart Move

June 29, 2022

Could Ivanka have been better off continuing her lifestyle brand?

Ivanka Trump would have been way better off continuing her lifestyle brand than entering politics. I’m not saying this because she wrote a beautiful piece on my work.  I think she would have been genuinely happier. Instead, she’s been testifying on the January 6 White House incident, where her opinion differs vastly from her fathers. No doubt, her relationship with him is extremely strained; and no girl wants to be at odds with their Dad. (Meghan, take note, but what do I know) Ivanka testified that there was no sign of election fraud. Her dad indicated she wasn’t studying the result properly! 

Now having your father become President must be exciting. Can you image meeting all those clever people who are sabotaging our economy? If it’s anything like my experience as an actress, where I socialized with loads of A-list celebs it isn’t that interesting. 

Ivanka wanted to make an impact instead she’s been dragged into her father’s turmoil. Ivanka’s lifestyle business was successful. Hell, I even own some gorgeous boots from her brand and I think its time for her to exit politics and use her experience to make a difference in another way.

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