Why Amber Heard REALLY Lost to Johnny Depp

June 24, 2022

When I was an actress, I never called myself a public figure

If Amber had taken the money from her divorce settlement and stayed quiet instead of lying about what she planned to do with it in public it would have been way better for her. The fact that she lied to us meant that she was backfooted from the start. 

Instead of writing at Op-ed as a victim, she needed to examine her own patterns in who she attracts to choose a healthier relationship the next time. Questions to ask herself might have been Why does I attract unavailable men, or why am I attracted to people with addiction problems?

The Op-ed was plainly about Jonnie Depp even though she didn’t specify his name. A man who had just given her $8 million. She basically baited a juggernaut and It’s no surprise he was extremely insulted that she was discussing their private life in public

Jonnie’s addiction difficulties are undeniable, I just hope that Jonnie, now that he believes he has reclaimed his life, dismisses the damages that Amber needs to pay and they both drop the case and can move forward 

Amber needs to stop referring to herself as a “public person”. It tripped her up from the start first telling us what she is doing with her money, no divorcee does that, second writing an op-ed as a ‘public figure’ and third thinking she is representing all women. Her case is her case; it does not represent all of us; Or what would have happened in other circumstances. And she must take responsibility for her actions and the outcome.This has been highly traumatic for both, and they would do well to look at how they can heal and recover rather than avoid it. We wish them well, as they hopefully grow as souls on their life journey. 

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