Village Workspaces: A New Standard for Co-Workspaces – Locale Magazine Interview

March 31, 2016

Village Workspaces (VW) is a new co-working space in Los Angeles that has two locations: Santa Monica and West LA. Their mission is to revolutionize co-working by giving their clients exclusive membership that fosters creativity and collaboration. They offer amazing amenities to companies of all sizes that help both established brands and new start-ups be more successful. It’s an ideal co-workspace for tech-based companies and creative types alike. In this Locale Magazine interview we sat down with two co-founders of VW, Sophie Keller and Lew Maler. They shared their insight into what co-working is, and why Village Workspaces has been such a success.

  • What is a co-working space? – Co-working redefines how people work by putting them in open, undefined spaces, which is a revolutionary idea compared to the way they’re used to working. People working in typical offices are in separate, enclosed spaces, and they’re cut off from each other. Companies can put their computers down in our space, and we set up amenities like reception services and internet.
  • Co-working is on the rise. What kind of clients do you attract? – Our space attracts a wide mix of folks in tech, gaming, and virtual reality. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded people and foster a sense of harmony within the space.
  • What sets VW apart from other co-working spaces in LA? – We’re in a class A building in a prime location. We offer a great balance between open space and private offices, and our pricing is very competitive.
  • You have an in-house wellness program. What does that include? – We offer an organic vending machine, table tennis, in-house yoga and meditation, and organic juice from local companies. We also have a bar!
  • What are some things you knew VW just had to have? – We wanted to provide privacy for our guests while still capturing the incredible views of the city. It needed to be open, with lots of glass. And the desks and chairs had to be fantastic. The bottom line is, it’s a workspace, so it has to be comfortable.
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