The Secret Reason You Quit Too Soon

June 24, 2022

Before you quit, watch this!

Please learn something new, each year or every couple of years, I don’t care who you are, or what age. Being a beginner takes guts because it leaves you open to being vulnerable.  But if you want to expand your mind and become a more diverse and multileveled person you must keep learning and taking risks. In the last year I have been training in finance and this year I am building on that and learning how to do Options trading, the two years before I learnt how to ski. My first 5 times I cried in the middle of the mountain… But I just had to a. suck up my pride b. stop stressing c. stay focused and positive and D.  trust it will take time. In other words, there are NO SHORTCUTS! 

To learn anything, you’ve got to go through four stages of learning. 

Stage 1:  

Unconscious Competence. You don’t know how to do something. You haven’t even tried to do it, and in many cases, you haven’t even thought about doing it at all. Let’s take skiing for example I saw people ski on the Olympics but didn’t give it a second thought.

Stage 2:

Conscious competence. The most difficult stage that takes a lot of work to get through I had skiing lessons and I was terrible, I spent most of my time as I said in tears, terrified This stage is an emotional roller coaster and it brings up embarrassment, anger, vulnerability, you name it, but you must make it through. 

Stage 3:

I’m consciously competent. I’ve had lessons I can now ski but I give myself instructions as I go down the mountain. I must focus, remember to breathe, to bend my knees to lean forward etc.

Stage 4.

There’s being unconsciously competent, I can ski down the mountain, and I reach the bottom without having to concentrate too hard.  Stage 2, consciously incompetent is the most difficult, but you must, must push through. Most likely, you will still be on the planet in 10 years. So, you can choose to be very good at what you’re learning by then, or you can choose to give it up and be ten years older anyway. So go for it and push through. 

Every time you think about what you want to achieve, keep your vision in mind of what you want and put one foot in front of the other as you move forward. I like to think of going from A to Z. A is where you start and Z is where you want to go. B, C, D, E, F, and G are all steps you need to go through to get to Z. You can’t skip them. To become good at something, it really takes time. 

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