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Dr. Keller is frequently invited to speak on the topics of mental health and wellbeing in the news, in life or in business.

She can be seen on network television, podcasts, radio and in person, to discuss professional success, relationships, life purpose, and how to become happier

Regardless of the topic, Dr Keller gives practical take-home advice to help her audience become happier and help brand’s thrive.



  • Spend too much time multi-tasking
  • Have problems focusing for long periods
  • Grapple to be creative and in the flow
  • Don’t have a productive workspace design
  • Struggle with being overly stressed
  • Have unhealthy daily eating habits

And are ready for a meaningful transformation…

then say hello to…

The Flourishing Workspace… a research based, fun and interactive talk where I teach you how to:

  • design a positive work environment
  • stay immersed in a state of flow
  • become more productive
  • manage ongoing stress
  • create healthy daily habits

Applicable to: company offices | home offices | desks


Are you ready to bring your business to the next level?

Dr. Keller is renowned for being a leader in wellbeing and designing flourishing work environments that allow each individual to be happy and relaxed so that they can do their most creative and innovative work.

Dr. Sophie offers powerful online consultations (in person consultations can be requested) for businesses and corporations to align their whole operation towards success and abundance. She seamlessly combines her decades of work as a positive psychologist, and her groundbreaking PhD research in wellbeing in workspaces to design offices that enhance team connection, wellness, workflow, productivity and a deep enjoyment of the day to day.

Dr. Keller sites her extensive collaborative work with Prince Charles as a catalyst for her PhD work on wellbeing and environmental design.

village workspaces – a living example

Dr. Keller has a doctorate in workspace wellbeing and how to reach your optimum flow. She is a founder and former COO of Village Workspaces, a co-working brand in Los Angeles, designed as a living example and result of Dr. Keller’s seven years of research. 

The success of the research has been proven by the Village members, who have won Oscars, Emmys, Critic’s Choice Awards, BAFTAs and Webbys at the Village. 

Multiple brands have launched new technologies, innovative products, raised billions of dollars and launched IPO’s including companies such as Soundcloud, Shopify, Vox Media, Byton Cars, Done and Done Productions, Pinterest, Credit Karma and so many more.



some brands that have flourished in sophie’s workspaces

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