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Need help with your current work environment? 

Book Dr. Keller to give you actionable advice on how to thrive at work, whether working from home or a workspace. 

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Do you or your team have any of these issues that are stopping you from thriving at work?

  • Not sure you have the most productive workspace design?
  • Spend much of the time multi-tasking and unfocused?
  • Grappling to be creative and in the flow in your space?
  • Feel slightly disconnected from your colleagues?
  • Struggling with stress and bad eating habits? 

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Whether you are looking for a keynote or half-day workshop on my PhD research, on how to implement the 4 wellbeing principles, essential to design your own workspace, or, you are interested in the Happiness Course Lecture Series, where I teach science-backed happiness strategies for work and home, my teaching style is fun, interactive, and packed full of take home practical advice. 


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A keynote, half-day, or 6 part lecture series.


Get Science-led Advice.
A mix of lecture, discussions and interactive exercises. 


Get Happier at Work.
Fun and practical to further your wellbeing.

actionable take-home advice to create a meaningful transformation.

I will help you to:

  1. Design a positive and healthy work environment.
  1. Stay present and immersed in a state of flow.
  1. Structure the day to be at your most productive.
  1. Manage stress and create healthy habits.
  1. Strengthen your relationships at work.

village workspaces – a living example

Dr. Keller has a doctorate in workspace wellbeing and how to reach your optimum flow. She is a founder and former COO of Village Workspaces, a co-working brand in Los Angeles, designed as a living example and result of Dr. Keller’s seven years of research. 

The success of the research has been proven by the Village members, who have won Oscars, Emmys, Critic’s Choice Awards, BAFTAs and Webbys at the Village. 

Multiple brands have launched new technologies, innovative products, raised billions of dollars and launched IPO’s. 



brands and people that have flourished in sophie’s workspaces

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