Self – My Healthy Self: Life Coach Sophie Keller Reveals Her Happiness Secrets

January 8, 2018

Life coach Sophie Keller, author of the How Happy Is series, wants to share her happiness secrets for your love life, health and home. And she doesn’t just talk the talk — Keller says all of her advice stems from how she really lives her life. Keller caught the happiness bug early on after taking up Pilates, meditation and other therapies following a sports injury at age 14. Finding her own happiness sparked a desire to help you find your healthy self.

“I decided that I was going to be a life coach and help people become happier because I knew how to do it,” says Keller.

Sophie tells Self that the biggest barrier to happiness that women face is that they are searching for happiness outside of themselves, rather than looking inside. She tells us that only ‘you’ can fill ‘you’ up.

When Sophie is having a down day, she likes to do yoga as that always rebalances her. Sophie doesn’t need any motivation to get to class as she tells us it’s just part of who she is. “The key to exercising” she says “is finding something you love doing.”

Self asked life coach Sophie Keller what she has for breakfast – Obviously because she’s English she loves having tea and toast. And her healthy snacks are apple chips, carrots and her favorite indulgence is dark chocolate.

The only gadget Sophie can’t do without is her computer. “My biggest accomplishment by far is having a healthy child.” She explains that she lost a baby before him so having this beautiful healthy boy is without question a real accomplishment.

Sophie’s favorite quote is “Be really whole and all things will come to you” – Lao Tzu. She says one of her happiness secrets is having a happy and healthy family!

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