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Dr Sophie Keller on Women of Impact discussing her books & how to become happier

This is How You Become A Happier Person | Sophie Keller on Women of Impact Sophie Keller as a guest on Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu. Sophie Keller is a happiness and well being expert, the author of a collection of books on happiness and relationships, and also the founder of the Village Workspaces and award-winning coworking spaces in Los Angeles. She is also a spokesperson for a number of Fortune 500 companies. In this episode, she talks about how to maintain a relationship by being self aware and the secrets of long-term well being. Check out Village Workspaces:
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How Can I have it all? Might not be the right question to ask yourself. – Thrive Global

“How can I have it all?” is a question that many people would like the answer to, but as with many things we get caught up in the fantasy of what “having it all” means. Instead of “how to have it all?” what if we ask, “how to balance it all?” In a world where many of us are partners, parents, entrepreneurs, students, trying to juggle it all, how do we make sure that we are achieving all that we need and hope to.
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The Secret to Happiness – Interview – The Times of India

It’s not destiny that decides you’ll be a sour face. Happy people work towards being that. Here’s how to do it If you’re happy and you know it…goes an old children’s ditty. But are you? The pursuit of happiness isn’t easy — materialistic goodies do not guarantee a...

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