Kind Words

“Sophie was amazing! Emotional and inspiring! She changed many people’s lives today. I’m looking forward to having her at our next event.” 

Michael R – Gano Coffee

“It was an honor to have Sophie speak at our event. We had absolutely rave reviews. Warm, funny & loving and judging from the sales of her books that is what we call a well received talk!”

Liza B  (The 3E Event)

“Sophie captured our international business audience with her wit, wisdom and warmth.  Her message is extremely uplifting and motivating and I highly recommend Sophie as a speaker at any event where you want everyone to listen, learn and be motivated to change his or her life for the better.” 

Heidi N (British American Business Council)

“Sophie is entertaining, engaging and wise. She easily connects to any audience and is a complete joy to work with.”  

Mike De Rae (LG Electronics)

“Sophie finished her talk.  Silence hit the whole room followed by a standing ovation. Her inspiring and true words have impacted my life and hundreds of lives here today.” 

Guillermo Huesca (TV Host)

“Sophie today was the best experience of my life, your talk changed it forever.” 

Maricela Hernandez  (CEO)

“Sophie as a speaker is so present, authentic and passionate. The audience absorbed what she had to say and were left so inspired.” 

Pina De Rosa (Coach)

“Sophie is an enlightened soul who knows how to guide others artfully to a place of true happiness – in all aspects of life. Just one session with Sophie has transformed my relationship and working life.”

Jeffrey P- President of the XFL

“The great sages throughout time from Lao Tzu, to St Francis of Assisi to the Dalai Lama have understood that happiness and success start in the realm of being rather than doing. A session with Sophie Keller will take you to that place, your essential nature, which is goodness, love, and joy. She can change your life…if you let her.” 

Sasha M – TV Writer

“Phenomenal. I’ve worked at a number of different co-working spaces on the westside and nothing comes close. Ocean view? Check. Gorgeous open space with killer decor? Check. Great vibe with nice positive people managing the space? Check.”

Ryan K (Producer)

“Hands-down the best shared workspace I’ve had in Los Angeles! I love the offices and the communal area, which are well equipped with amenities and the staff is amazing. I highly recommend!”

Debbie T

“Village Workspace is the best working environment in Los Angeles!  The space has great ocean views, open-air ceilings and a cool design vibe. Highly recommend!”

Lori T (Byton Cars)

Hands down the best coworking space in Los Angeles! We couldn’t be happier with the location, the quality of the office space, the wonderful staff and the amazing ocean view. Our team loves it here.

Darren Marble
CEO of CrowdfundX

“This is the absolute best working space in Los Angeles – I tried them ALL and was ecstatic to get a one-person office space at Village.  The difference between Village and the rest of them are that actual work is being done here.  People respect privacy but there are plenty of opportunities to be social.” 

Josh S

“This is by far one of my favorite work space with ocean views, cool peeps, awesome vibe and an excellent “behind the scenes” crew. Well done and strongly recommended.”

Julian G

“During the Woolsey/Malibu fire, my office was evacuated and Village Workspaces graciously took our entire team in for 2 weeks. The entire staff was so welcoming and we all LOVED working here. From the great snacks, to the incredible workspaces, it felt like home! Highly recommend.”

Devon T.  Casamigos

“Village Workspace is open, airy, with fantastic interior design, members are cool and thoughtful.  Thanks Village W!”

Jack B

Village Workspaces is a really gorgeous, sophisticated space, where we are surrounded by extremely successful businesses and creatives. Also really appreciate the free breakfasts, Happy Hours and great staff.

Bradley Gallo
Founder of Amasia Entertainment

“I’ve now worked at the Village for almost three years and have loved it. Feels like home when you walk in and that has a lot to do with the owners and staff. They truly care about making sure it’s conducive to productive and happy work life for all. Aside from the good vibes, it’s beautifully and comfortably decorated.”

Natalie S

“Great co-working space, calmer and better quality than WeWork & other spaces nearby with a family-like vibe. Highly recommended.”

Mark W

Unlike other coworking spaces that we visited, Village Workspaces feels spacious and tranquil, which enables our team to focus and be highly productive. The community of companies utilizing the space are top notch.

Robert Holden
CEO of Shyn

“I work here with FlyQuest and our space is wonderful. Huge windows with a spectacular view. The space in its entirety is quite big and beautiful with awesome furniture. The best workspace in LA, hands-down.”

Jole S

“Village Workspaces is hands down the best co-working space in Los Angeles. We couldn’t be more pleased with the location, the quality of the office space, and of course, the amazing ocean view. The staff is wonderful, and our team loves it here. I can recommend Village Workspaces to creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, or established businesses with no hesitation whatsoever.”

Darren M

“This is the SoHo House of creative office space with an equally cool vibe and really great people. I have been working here for the past 8 months and my business has never been more successful.”

Ryan H 

“Since moving offices to Village, coming to work has changed from something I dread to something I look forward to. The decor is amazing, the furniture is fun AND comfortable and the colors are vibrant without being too much; it’s just a place you love coming to everyday. The funny thing I’ve noticed since moving here is I’m actually always looking for opportunities to show off my office to clients and friends! It may come as a surprise but the pictures really don’t do this place justice…”

Blake B

“It is not easy to exceed the high expectations they set each month but somehow they do. Each month we think this place can’t get better and somehow it does. Perfect example last month they swapped out my desk for an automatic standup-sit down desk this amazing. This cost me nothing like the gourmet breakfasts and other things they are serving up.”

Andrew A

A truly beautiful space to meet my model agency talent & clients. The staff and members are so kind and professional and the aesthetic is gorgeous. I receive compliments every time someone visits for the first time. It is the perfect match.

Tricia Brink
Founder of Tricia Brink Management

“Sophie lives and breathes her message. Our audience love her unique perspective & endless take home happiness tips. She is an excellent host and one of the most talented people I know.” 

Scott Warren | Executive Producer, Spectrum News

“Sophie is an amazing professional, a deep soul and above all, a once in a lifetime human being.” 

Moe Abdou | Strategic Adviser & Investor, 33 Voices

“Sophie Keller is a brilliant light shining in a sometimes dark world. An inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and a walking blessing. She walks her talk and lives in joy and integrity.” 

Bill Poett | Author & Radio Host

“Sophie is an inspiring leader who grabs life with both hands. She truly embodies the spirit of our brand.” 

Woman Magazine

“If you are single get this book. If your friends are single, get them this book. It is the most realistic and spiritual book on finding a partner I have ever read.” 

Kimberly Seltzer – Therapist & Dating Expert

“A cutting edge health book and a really useful guide to looking after your mind, body and spirit” 

Cory Goodman (Screenwriter) 

“Absolutely Spot on! Great advice for creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the home. Go BUY ‘How Happy is Your Home?’ – It’s brilliant!” 

Lucinda Belle Singer/composer

“‘How Happy is Your Marriage?’ And ‘How Happy is Your Health?’ Are essential reading for every school across the US.”

Ben Mitchell Photographer to Marilyn Monroe