How to Turn Your Negative Thoughts, Positive

February 12, 2021

Dr. Sophie Keller tells Lisa on Women of Impact how you can improve your wellbeing by becoming aware of your internal thoughts. And how you can turn them from positive.

Dr. Sophie: The thing to look at is; How do you think? What are you thinking? What are your internal thoughts? Are they positive or negative? How are they affecting you? Who’s in your head? Is your mom in your head? Is your dad in your head?

Lisa: All right, let’s talk about that, because I think you’re so right. I think us as we are children, we’ve got a certain perspective that is given to us from our parents. Yeah, OK. You should be this. And you should be there. So you should be playing with those like. So it is kind of taught to us as we’re growing up. So as we’re adults, sometimes you don’t know whose voice it is. Have you got any tips on, like, how you actually identify and then what you do with that?

Dr.Sophie: Well, I think that if you listen to the voice, you pretty much know who the real is. If your dad was gruff with you, and you’ve got a gruff voice in your head, then it’s probably your father. If you know you’re feeling insecure about something and worrying and your mum was a worrier, maybe got it from your mum.

Lisa: How do you, let’s say, I have got voices in my head. 

Dr. Sophie: I love that you turned one voice into voice. 

Lisa: I know. And because I actually do because I think, you know, there are certain lessons that I learnt from my father, certain lessons I learned from my mother. And then how do you how do you differentiate other people’s voices are compared to what your your own voice is?

Dr. Sophie: Well, the question is, is if you listen to something in your head and then ask yourself, well, do I really believe that? Is that really true? Yeah. And then if you really think, well, actually, it’s not necessarily true, I have this technique that I sometimes teach where if you have something negative in your head, you can put it in front of you in front of if you’re right handed it, put it in front of your left eye.

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