Are you ready for a perfect partner?

So you met someone great…

you have loads in common, love spending time together…and you dare to dream. This could be something special … I mean you’re ready for the one…and then… you’re not sure what happens or why… but…something goes wrong…

and you go back over the chain of events…

was it something you said, or something you did? Is it your fault? Is it theirs? Why does this always happens to you? The negative thoughts come in thick and fast. The old wounds rise to the surface…

Maybe I can’t have a relationship
Nobody can handle me
I’m meant to be alone
I’m not good enough
I’m not attractive enough

the words whirl around your head, and you know that it’s time for a change….

so say hello to the  groundbreaking interactive course

designed to help you to get over your breakup fast,  stop attracting the same kind of person over and over again, and uncover who you really will be compatible with.

A Step-by-Step Interactive Course

A transformative program designed to be completed over 30 days. Dr. Sophie guides you through 14 interactive video lessons, multiple transformation exercises, personalized affirmations, and a very powerful guided meditation. The content is fresh and relevant and will make you think in ways that you have never done before.


Let go of your negative emotions, break free from your past relationships, overcome your fears of being single again, and refocus your energy.


Uncover why you keep dating the same person in different physical form, heal old family wounds, and and learn how to find enormous joy and adventure in being single.


Find out who really is the right kind of person for you. Discover how to date from the inside out,  and adopt the lessons that I learnt from walking on fire.

This course is for you if…

  • You’ve just broken up with your partner.
  • You’ve been stuck on your ex longer than you want to be.
  • You’re on the verge of a breakup.
  • You want to stop attracting the same kind of person.
  • You want to change the behaviors that are preventing your relationships from working.
  • Want to find out who really would be right for you.

Begin your journey now!

What You Get

  • 14 Interactive video coaching sessions
  • 1 guided meditation
  • PDF workbooks


  • Meditation 1
  • Meditation 2

All for $497


If you are looking for to move on from heartbreak, this course is for you.

About Dr. Sophie

Happiness expert and best-selling author of the How Happy is book series, Dr. Sophie Keller, takes you through her comprehensive digital program, How to Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days. Participants benefit from years of Dr. Sophie’s own personal development work, alongside decades of experience helping clients improve their love lives using a variety of effective of healing modalities. Sophie has taken a long list of clients from single to married and readers rave about her two best-selling relationship books – How Happy is Your Love Life? 50 Great Tips to Attract and Keep Your Perfect Partner and How Happy is Your Marriage? 50 Great tips to Make Your Relationship last Forever.