Women of Impact interviews Happiness and Wellbeing Expert Dr. Sophie Keller

March 29, 2020

Dr. Sophie Keller is a guest on Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu.

This week, Women of Impact welcomes Dr. Sophie Keller. A happiness and wellbeing expert, the best-selling author of How Happy is Your Health? How Happy is Your Home? How Happy is Your Love Life? And How Happy is Your Marriage? book series and also the founder of Village Workspaces, an award-winning coworking space in Los Angeles. She is also a wellbeing commentator, lecturer and brand ambassador for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

In this episode of Women of Impact, Dr. Keller talks about how to maintain a relationship by being self aware and the long-term secrets of how to be happier.

Check out Village Workspaces: https://www.villageworkspaces.com/

Why all of Dr Sophie Keller’s books start with a quiz [02:19]
The reason anger is a health problem [03:29]
Why “the now” is all that matters [06:26]
How to identify and change your internal thoughts [09:13]
How Sophie used feng shui to bring harmony to her life [11:11]
The importance of having an awesome workplace [12:46]
Why making an impact doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor [13:57]
What types of people are you attracting? [16:10]
How to create harmony within yourself [18:45]
Why you’ll never get a “perfect” partner [19:58]
How to tell if your partner is right for you early on [21:29]
Why you can’t have any doubts about the person you’re marrying [22:53]
Should your partner come before your children? [25:01]
How to work well with your partner [27:29]

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