How to Be Happy (in Every Part of Your Life) – Well & Good Magazine Interview

January 17, 2019

Sometimes, the list of things we’re supposed to be doing in order to be happy just feels like another chore. And that’s on top of the chores we already have to do. Instead of thinking of how to be happy in every part of your life as just another chore you have to perform, try thinking of it as a set of techniques you can use to enhance the moment. Happiness is not an abstract concept that occurs in some alternate universe; it’s something that can only take place right here, right now. In this interview with Well & Good magazine, chief happiness officer (yes, that’s actually a thing) Sophie Keller from Village Workspaces shows you some easy things you can do to be happier in every part of your life, including:

  • Eating for brain health – There’s a powerful connection between what you eat and the health of your brain. Eating colorful foods like purple cauliflower and red beans actually increases your happiness by boosting brain cell function.
  • At your desk – Work is just a drag sometimes. This is true even if you’re lucky enough to love your job. Keller suggests you color code your work space and drink infused water. Use refreshing flavors like mint and strawberry for a mood boost at your desk.
  • In your social life – Our common instinct is to skip social events when we’re feeling down. But studies have shown that being social in a community gives an enormous boost to our overall levels of happiness.
  • In your career – Taking care of your health, like getting enough sleep and staying active, is key to getting ahead at work. Other ways of killing it at work are making yourself visible in the workplace and oozing confidence. Even fake confidence can do wonders for your career.

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