Why Hybrid Will Fail

August 24, 2022

Why Hybrid Will Fail

Do you want a combination of remote and in office employment? Here are 5 reasons why the new hybrid work model could fail.

1. You Feel lonely and disconnected from lack of interaction with coworkers and superiors. 

2. No one is really noticing how hard you’re working at home.

3. You find it Hard to plan which tasks to do at home and in the office environment. 

4. You Feel unappreciated, without regular, input from management. 

5. You Believe that those that go face to face with managers in the office are more likely to get a promotion. 

As a wellbeing at work and workspace design consultant for companies my advice is that businesses need to be clear about who comes into the office on which days – or limit the number of days people can come in. Keep talking to employees about how they feel about the hybrid-work model and to create new workspaces that accommodate it. 

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