Need a campaign, program, or message, tailored to your organization’s specific needs? I can help you. Brands invite me to write their happiness and wellness message. King Charles asked me to partner to create his environmental documentary, and, I was lucky enough to win a Promax Award for my partnership with Discovery Networks.

As a happiness expert, journalist, and speaker, I love to partner with brands. If any of the below apply to you, contact me…

  • You have a new or existing brand or product and need a wellbeing or wellness message, and are unsure where to start.
  • You want to expand your brand loyalty and customer base, and need an expert in audience connection to communicate your message more clearly.
  • Happiness messaging is not you, or your teams real expertise, and you need to work with a leader in the field.
  • You need an experienced Ambassador to help represent your brand for a sponsored event or to speak to the media.

how I can help

  • I can assistant you in discovering and communicating your brand’s wellbeing and wellness message, in order to connect with, and make a difference to your customers lives.  
  • I use human behavior as a starting point for collaboration with your team, understanding your brand, the ever-changing market, and gaining a thorough understanding of your user’s needs. 
  • I assist in focusing the brand message process on wellness and wellbeing, while bringing a fresh and curious perspective to create a one-of-a-kind, tailored message.

how we will work together







Are you ready to transform your brand into a lifestyle?

Just a few other case studies.

To help Bank of America to launch their new Digital Mortgage Experience Tool


To help bring awareness using appropriate messaging to Bank of America’s new Digital Mortgage Experience tool. A technology that enables homeowners to complete a mortgage application at their own pace entirely via their mobile device.


Sophie participates in 22 interviews as the face of B of A for a Media Tour, which covers a variety of topics, including how technology impacts productivity and reduces stress, and the concept of single-tasking and time-management. She ties back to the Digital Mortgage Experience when appropriate. 


The metric results for the satellite media, Pandora ad and InFocus video. These tactics garnered 731 placements, 789 clicks, 9 social posts and 22,066,632 impressions. Article in, Interview on the Michael Yo show at Sirius radio. And a social media campaign.

To help LG Electronics launch their new billboard in Times Square to bring more good news to the American public


Research reveals that nearly half Americans couldn’t remember the last piece of good news they heard. 9 out of 10 Americans believe that if they heard more good news they would be happier at home and work. 


Sophie helps LG (Life’s Good) with 25 media interviews to launch the new “Good News” billboard in Times Square to be a beacon of good news and lift the spirits of the public, profiling people who are making a difference. Anyone can text or tweet their personal good news stories to share with those in Times Square. Sophie dovetails the launch with advice on how to be happier over the holidays and to make next year the happiest yet.


On launch day there were marriage proposals, job successes and dating stories.  This campaign was a sizable contribution to the “What makes you happy?” Conversation. Each text LG donated $1 to ‘Grow to Learn NYC’– The City’s new gardening initiative, designed to assist local schools to grow produce from their own gardens.

To help Al Gore to bring awareness to the world of the environmental problems we face, and find solutions


To create a film for Al Gore’s Live Earth, global event to educate billions of people around the world on the environmental problems that exist, and what the possible solutions can be.


With a team, we wrote and produced 4 short films for Earth Day. Set in a future. Bob and Harry, the last two polar bears on earth are homeless, hungry and extremely horny. They pay a visit to a slimy real estate agent, who attempts to sell them a cage in a zoo, aka an urban condo. At a restaurant, they are offered sushi, with no fish and ‘Valdez’ broth. Harry, visits the ‘Endangered Species Dating Agency’. He is offered either a hippo, or a frigid panda.


4 funny & chilling films with Harry Shearer and Rip Torn dressed up as ‘Bob and Harry, the Last Two Polar Bears.’ The four films, were featured at the global Live Earth concerts on Earth Day, as well as festivals and television networks all over the world, throughout the year.