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I get it… you’ve accomplished a lot… perhaps you have an incredible career, are in a fantastic relationship, have mastered the art of parenting, or have achieved success in other ways. And, as much as you’ve accomplished, I believe that we all have times, when we encounter roadblocks, and need the assistance of a psychologist to help us to move over, under, or through them.

are you looking for a

I get it… you’ve achieved a lot… perhaps you have an incredible career, are in a fantastic relationship, have mastered the art of parenting, or achieved success in other ways, …and as much as you’ve achieved, I believe that we all have times when we meet roadblocks in our work journey and need psychologist to help us to move over, under or through them.

With decades of experience working as an executive coach to individuals and companies in every industry, as well as CEO’s, royalty, and celebrities, what I know for sure is that, no matter who you are, you wishes for three things…

to reach your full potential
to live a more flourishing life
and to make more of a difference. 

Why you will want psychologist, Dr. Keller to be your Executive Coach

Dr Keller was awarded her Extraordinary Ability status in the US for her work in communication skills and human behavior. She has been extensively interviewed in all media, and her transformational work is given one chapter in the best-selling book Therapists on Therapy.  As well as having a PhD in positive and organizational psychology, she is a Master Trainer in NLP a hypnotherapist, a certified Astrologer, yoga instructor, and feng shui design practitioner.

As a 4 x Best-selling author, Dr Keller believes in the inextricable connecting between the mind, body, and spirit and that mind therapy isn’t enough, you must get stress and trauma out of the cells and therefore a mix of methods work best. 

So, whether you need help with your next career move, your ability to earn money, or your life purpose… I am here for you. All you need to do is book a FREE call to see if we are a good fit and we can take it from there!

Are you looking for a personal feng shui office redesign?

If you are ready to bring more opportunities, prosperity, and joy into your work life, then you’ll want a personal office design consultation.

You will have an initial face-to-face video call with me, during which you will share your floor plan, and we will go over your space thoroughly. We’ll look at where you are stuck, and how it is reflected in your surroundings and what practical changes you can make, on a budget.

Following the initial consultation, I will send you a ‘to do’ list, and you can email me with any follow-up questions about the proposed changes. We will then meet again in a week for a follow- up consultation.

 For your corporate workspace, please check out the speaking & consulting page.

About Dr. Sophie

Dr Sophie Keller has a PhD in positive psychology and wellbeing at work, with a major focus on flow theory, environmental design, relationships, and health.  She has written four best-selling books on happiness, (How Happy is Your Love Life, How Happy is Your Health, How Happy is Your Marriage? How Happy is Your Home?) And has also trained in multiple therapies, including as a hypnotherapist, a Master Trainer in NLP, an astrologer, feng shui interior designer, and yoga teacher. Dr Sophie started Transcendental Meditation at 14 years old. She is a regular contributor to mental health in the media and has been filmed transforming homes on multiple television networks.

Dr Sophie also happens to be a clairvoyant. She can see where you are stuck in your life and what you need to do to shift out of it, fulfill your life’s purpose and live a more flourishing life.