Does Your Perfect Person Exist?

February 21, 2021

Happiness and wellbeing expert, Dr. Sophie Keller speaks to Lisa on Women of Impact about whether there really is a perfect person out there.

Lisa: All right, so let’s talk about perfection. Because you actually say there is no perfect person. How do we let go of that?

Sophie: Well, just think of your top five personality characteristics that you need. Start with 10 and then put them in order and then break it down to five, then break the five down to three. 

Imagine that those top three are ones that you’ve got to have. You’ll never get everything. I really wanted to marry an athlete,

Lisa: Did you?

Sophie: Somebody who was really athletic. But I had other qualities that were at the top for me. They had to be kind. They needed to be loving. I wanted them to be warm and lots of other important aspects.

And athletic was probably number nine or 10. They need to be loyal and that I trusted them. So the question is, are you getting your top three? And those are the ones that I would focus on rather than everything.

Also Lisa, you don’t want someone to be damaged in the same way that you are. I know you’re going to ask a question about that.

So ideally the aspects of you that need healing, are ideally different to the other person so they can help you heal those.

Lisa: That’s really interesting. I never thought about that before. Part of me kind of thought like, oh well, if you’re going through something and someone understands because they’re going through it or have gone through it, it would help your life.

Sophie: Going through experiences and being ‘damaged’ in a different way are different things.

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