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If you’re looking to launch a new brand product with wellbeing and wellness messaging you’ll want to combine your brand’s core beliefs with my unique advice for everyday happiness in order to create impactful segments on national broadcast, live and online.

wellbeing expert - Sophie Keller

1. Performer


As a performer with extensive experience on stage and screen I can easily connect to any audience on multiple platforms. I trained as an actress at the prestigious Central School in London, have appeared in numerous films, theater in London and as a series regulars on Network TV in the US and the UK. Including being critically acclaimed for my leading role on the ABC drama Gideon’s Crossing. My one woman show ‘I’d Rather be Weird Than Dead’ transferred to 3 theaters.

2. Wellbeing & happiness expert


As a happiness expert and a wellbeing ambassador in the media, my extensive experience in the lifestyle field includes 4 best-selling books on happiness in relationships, health and feng shui. I’ve had my own “Balanced Life” segment series  and another called “How to get Happier at Work.” As well as hundreds of articles and videos sharing advice with the public. You’ll love how easily together we can incorporate your brand into the  message you’ll need.

wellbeing expert - Sophie Keller

3. PhD in wellbeing at work


As an expert in wellbeing messaging, I have had extensive training in NLP, human behavior and hypnosis for which I was awarded Extraordinary Ability status in the US. My doctorate studies on Wellbeing in Coworking Spaces focuses on how we connect, stay healthy, flow, and the environmental design of any workspace. As an ambassador, I can help your brand to create a message that inspires happiness and wellbeing in your audience as they connect with a specific product or your overall brand.

wellbeing expert - Sophie Keller

4. Founder of coworking space


As a founder of the eclectic and intimate Village Workspaces we used my research and expertise in wellbeing to construct a mature, luxurious, coworking space in West LA that has won multiple International awards for happiest members. Some of the past and present happy members include Soundcloud, Vox Media, CBS, Shopify and Caldwell Banker. We house companies that are in e-sports, production, lawyers, model agencies, realtors, film & TV writers. All our exceptional members flourish side by side using the Village Workspace as their home from home.

wellbeing expert - Sophie Keller

5. Role model in the relationship space


Regardless of my external work accomplishments, the most meaningful and fulfilling is that I am happily married and a mom.

Some Case Studies

To help Bank of America to launch their new Digital Mortgage Experience Tool

Challenge – To help bring awareness using appropriate messaging to Bank of Americas new Digital Mortgage Experience tool. A technology that enables homeowners to complete a mortgage application at their own pace entirely via their mobile device.

Approach – Approach –  Sophie participates in 22 interviews as the face of B of A for a Media Tour, which covers a variety of topics, including how technology impacts productivity and reduces stress, and the concept of single-tasking and time-management. She ties back to the Digital Mortgage Experience when appropriate. 

Result – Results – The metric results for the satellite media, Pandora ad and InFocus video. These tactics garnered 731 placements, 789 clicks, 9 social posts and 22,066,632 impressions. Article in, Interview on the Michael Yo show at Sirius radio. And a social media campaign.

To help LG Electronics launch their new billboard in Time Square to help bring more good news to the America public

Challenge – Research reveals that nearly half Americans couldn’t remember the last piece of good news they heard. 9 out of 10 Americans believe that if they heard more good news they would be happier at home and work.


Approach- Sophie helps LG (Life’s Good) with 25 media interviews to launch the new “Good News” billboard in Times Square to be a beacon of good news and lift the spirits of the public, profiling people who are making a difference. Anyone can text or tweet their personal good news stories to share with those in Times Square. Sophie doves tails the launch with advice on how to be happier over the holidays and to make next year the happiest yet. 

Result – On launch day there were marriage proposals, job successes and dating stories.  This campaign was a sizable contribution to the “What makes you happy?” Conversation. Each text LG donated $1 to ‘Grow to Learn NYC’– The City’s new gardening initiative, designed to assist local schools to grow produce from their own gardens.

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