how happy
is your love life?

50 Great Tips to Help You Attract and Keep Your Perfect Partner

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  • How much sex to have.
  • How to choose your battles wisely.
  • How to deal with financial stress.
  • How to disagree the right way.
  • How to practice bedroom feng shui.
  • Learn how happy is your marriage, really?

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About Dr. Sophie

Dr. Sophie Keller, a positive and organizational psychologist, is a global leader in the wellbeing field. A best-selling author of 4 books on happiness, a health and wellbeing media commentator, and the founder of Village Workspaces, a high-end coworking space, created as a result of Dr. Keller’s extensive research on workplace wellbeing and design. Dr. Sophie’s books include: ‘How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Marriage? How Happy is Your Home? and ‘How Happy is Your Health? She has appeared frequently on Network TV as a happiness expert and has written hundreds of articles as a journalist. Brands such as LG Electronics, Bank of America, and Discovery Networks hire Dr. Sophie to help with their wellness messaging.