The “How Happy Is” Books

No matter how happy we might think we are, there is always room for happier

Four compact volumes that offer practical, easy to adopt advice on marriage, love, health, and home. The series help you to make positive choices and let loose that spark of happiness, so that it can emanate into every area of your life.

After completing a revealing quiz, readers then choose from among 50 often-unexpected tips that Dr. Sophie has conceived to bring more happiness into that particular realm of their lives.

how happy is your health?

50 Great Tips to Help you Live a Long, Happy and Healthy Life

Are you ready to Learn how to eat properly, to discover the importance of the mind body connection and how to avoid common toxins? You’ll get some unusual and original health tips that are easy to implement and have the capacity to make a big impact on the quality of your life. LEARN MORE

how happy is your marriage?

50 Great Tips To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Are your ready to take your relationship from good to great? Whether you would describe your relationship as challenging, communicative, frustrating, loving, or disconnected, You’ll learn how to easily take an okay or good relationship to a great partnership by changing a few patterns. LEARN MORE

how happy is your home?

50 Great Tips to Bring More Health, Wealth and Joy into Your Home

Are you looking for ways to bring more opportunities through your front door? Learn how to energize your life by making easy and inexpensive changes to your home by using feng shui design. Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, increase your finances or get your health in tip top condition this book shows you how to do it all. LEARN MORE

how happy is your love life?

50 Great Tips to Help You Attract and Keep the Perfect Partner

Are you ready to attract a life partner? Learn how to shift your thinking and take everyday actions to prepare for and create lifelong love. become completely happy with you are, and change your behaviors that push people away, so that you can finally magnetize the perfect person for you. LEARN MORE

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