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The “How Happy Is” Books

No matter how happy we might think we are, there is always room for happier

Four compact volumes that offer practical, easy to adopt advice on marriage, love, health, and home. The series help you to make positive choices and let loose that spark of happiness, so that it can emanate into every area of your life.

After completing a revealing quiz, readers then choose from among 50 often-unexpected tips that Dr. Sophie has conceived to bring more happiness into that particular realm of their lives.

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how happy is your health?

50 Great Tips to Help you Live a Long, Happy and Healthy Life

If you want to live disease-free to a ripe old age then get this book How Happy is Your Health?  With these 50 tips, it’s easier than ever to become your healthiest self possible,  starting now. Discover:

  • How putting a mirror on your fridge can help you lose weight.
  • Which vitamin is known to prevent cancer and depression.
  • Easy and unusual ways to cut cravings.
  • Which plastics are safe to use and which are not.
  • The 12 fruits and vegetables you must buy organic.
  • How to look 7 years younger.

how happy is your home?

50 Great Tips to Bring More Health, Wealth and Joy into Your Home

If you want to achieve prosperity and harmony in all areas of your life then get the book How Happy is Your Home? With these 50 Tips, you’ll learn how to apply the principles of feng shui to make your home a healthier, happier place to live. Discover:

  • How to bring more opportunities through your front door, 
  • Learn the 10 bedroom principles for better sex and sleep.
  • How to fix your bathrooms for better health and wealth.
  • Understand the influence of the first room you see.
  • How to improve your office lay out for success.

how happy is your love life?

50 Great Tips to Help You Attract and Keep the Perfect Partner

If you’re single and want to be in an awesome relationship then get this book How Happy is Your Love Life?  With these 50 tips it’s easier than ever to find – and keep – your life partner. Discover:

  • When to have sex for the first time. 
  • How to handle the holidays while single.
  • How to attract a date – anywhere and anytime.
  • The 7 essential questions you need to ask your date. How to know when you’ve met “the one”.

“If you are single get this book. If your friends are single, get them this book. It is the most realistic and spiritual book on finding a partner I have ever read.”

Kimberly SeltzerTherapist & Dating Expert

how happy is your marriage?

50 Great Tips To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

If you’re married, in a long-term relationship or plan to be, then get his book How Happy is Your Marriage?  With these 50 tips it’s easier than ever to make small changes for a happier, healthier relationship that lasts a lifetime. Discover:

  • How much sex to have.
  • How to choose your battles wisely.
  • How to deal with financial stress.
  • How to disagree the right way.
  • How to practice bedroom feng shui.
  • Learn how happy is your marriage, really?