A program to help you to let go of your grief and recover after losing a baby

After my miscarriage, I was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. It felt like it was my fault, and I knew I needed help quickly: to turn this painful chapter in my life into a time of personal growth. But the challenge I faced was finding someone who could truly understand what I had gone through.

 And so, as a psychologist myself, I experimented with different ways to help release the loss that I felt, and through an enormous amount of trial and error, I managed to fine-tune a process that really worked for me – and it’s the same one that I want to share with you.

I am here to tell you…

…that you can heal properly, regain your confidence, and experience another pregnancy, if you want to. Without the worry. Without the burden of overwhelming uncertainty. And it all begins with these simple actions laid out in the After Miscarriage digital program.

The After Miscarriage Program is for you if…

  • You’re overwhelmed with a sense of loss.
  • You’re stuck and don’t know where to go to for help.
  • You’re struggling with grief, anger, or sadness.
  • You feel alone – and no one else understands the way you feel.
  • You’re terrified of getting pregnant again.

After Miscarriage: A digital course designed around you.

  • Works Quickly: You’ll notice changes in how you think and feel in the following few days after doing the program.
  • Deeper Relationship: Designed to help bring you and your partner closer to each other than ever.
  • Fearless Pregnancy: Will help you to be confident, excited and fearless if you decide to get pregnant again.
  • Do at Your Own Pace: Do the interactive video modules in your own time, where you feel most comfortable.
  • Cost Effective: This very low cost investment will significantly speed up your healing time.

Begin your healing.

What You Get

  • 5 Interactive video coaching sessions
  • A 20 minute audio guided meditation
  • PDF workbooks & printables


  • A partner’s guide to healing
  • 7 ways to self-care recovery checklist

All for $295


Interactive   Videos & Guided   Meditation

The After Miscarriage program is designed so you that don’t go through this experience alone. Instead, Dr. Sophie guides you through. All elements build on each other to give you the help you need – and steer you towards your recovery.

Step-by-Step Program

Step 1: Unravel your Emotions

Release your anger, guilt and sadness as a result of your loss.

Step 2: Stop Blaming Yourself

Choose a newer, kinder perspective on your experience.

Step 3: Let go of your fears

Draw out and confront your fears head on to release them from your body.

Step 4: Adopt a Positive Mindset

Learn a profound process to let go of all your negative beliefs and create more empowering ones.

Step 5: Integrate Your Learning

Uncover how your baby has helped you to grow in ways that perhaps you couldn’t have otherwise.

Step 6: Heal Completely

A guided meditation to help you and your baby release each other and move forward on your own paths.

Narrate Your Journey

A printed workbook to fill out and guide you on your journey.

If you are looking for miscarriage support & guidance, this program is for you.

About Dr. Sophie

Positive psychologist and happiness expert Dr. Sophie Keller is the best selling author of four books, How Happy is Your Love Life?, How Happy is Your Health?, How Happy is Your Home?, and How Happy is Your Marriage? Dr. Sophie is frequently asked to provide practical advice to the media on how to get happier at work, in your relationships and with yourself. She works as an adviser for Fortune 500 companies who need help with a wellbeing and wellness message for their brands, including Bank of America and LG Electronics. After losing a baby at over 5 months pregnant, Sophie used her expertise to heal her mind, body and soul. The After Miscarriage program uses the same successful process Dr. Sophie used, to provide miscarriage support, and a holistic recovery process for other women.

Let Go of the Grief.

Let the healing Begin.