Hi, I’m Sophie

I’m a happiness expert & wellbeing ambassador for leading brands, founder of the Village Workspaces, and the author of four best-selling books on happiness.

Born in London, with an unexplainable desire to make a difference…

From my early teens I have been on a quest to find out what makes us happy.  This mission stemmed from a challenging relationship with my mother as a child and being bullied at school. I wanted to find ways to speak and communicate harmoniously and fix the internal mental, emotional and physical stress that came from the external obstacles I was having.

For years, I went to a multitude of different therapists and self development trainings. My own healing lead me to  teach others how to build harmonious relationships with themselves and others.   Along the way, inspired to investigate how physical spaces can affect us mentally and emotionally, I trained in feng shui design. My initial focus was on homes, however working with the Prince of Wales on his Harmony TV documentary and as a co-writer of 4 films for Al Gore’s Live Earth event I was inspired to look at the environment at large.

This ultimately lead me to research the effect that our workspaces have on our mood, health, relationships, work flow and creativity.  

“I believe that putting happiness in to the workspace first helps your business and ultimately your customers thrive. “

From 2010 I spent 5 years immersed in a multitude of coworking spaces as a researcher, member and eventually an owner in 2012. In 2015, with a team, we built a 15,000 square foot coworking space in West Los Angeles which has wellbeing principles at the core of the buildout.

I’m often asked how I got started and why I do what I do

Since I was a teen, I had a passion for understanding human behavior and what makes us tick.  At 14 I learnt Transcendental Meditation. While my friends were clubbing, I was training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the study of human behavior and hypnosis.

With my first company, NLP International, I worked as a speaker and life coach teaching clients how to change their habits and unwanted behaviors. This paid my way through Central School of Speech and Drama, in London, where I trained as an actress. With the multitude of press my work garnered I was awarded a Green Card for Extraordinary Ability in the US.

At first, I had enormous angst trying to choose between being a self-development trainer and a actress/TV personality. However, I soon realized that the combination of my interests was a strength, not a weakness, and ultimately made what I had to give unique.

Following school, while still teaching, was a slew of TV, film and theatre roles, including being critically acclaimed for my lead role as an actress playing a doctor on drama Gideon’s Crossing, which inspired me to become a doctor myself.

With a passion for the field of happiness, my business doctorate focuses on how to design shared workspaces to increase wellbeing at work. My thesis builds on the foundation of my  ‘How Happy is’ book series in relationships, health, and feng shui design.



From being a founder of the Village Workspace, to writing four best-selling books and doing a doctorate on workspace wellbeing. To contributing to a multitude of TV networks, including my own ‘Balanced Life’ segment series, over 100 articles for The Huffington Post and being profiled in multiple other publications. To being a wellbeing brand ambassador & spokesperson for companies such as Bank of America and LG Electronics, and a series regular on two television shows, as well as performing a one woman show.

 …..…                                             … I am proof that rules can be broken and combining interests actually gives you the opportunity to tread on unchartered territory and ultimately offer some unique service to the world





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