3 Reasons Why Elon Musk Wants His Team Back To Work

July 12, 2022

1.Rather than spending the day on conference calls when we meet in person, we are significantly more creative, feeding off each other’s energy and ideas.

2.The act of going into an office establishes a clear boundary between work and home, It gives the day structure, a distinct start and conclusion. We switch in to work mode, and our productivity rises.

3. Happiness and good relationships feed off each other in what researchers call “The upward spiral” “Like food and air we need social relationships to thrive and we build bonds at work… 

The biggest pandemic that we have right now is the mental health one and being at home all day, every day really doesn’t help. Is loneliness the new smoking?

So, Elon, I just hope your workspace design is as inspiring as your car designs and your team can’t wait to come back in 

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