Dr Sophie Keller as a guest on Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu.

This week, Women of Impact welcomes Dr Sophie Keller. Dr Keller is a happiness and well being expert, the author of a collection of books on how to be happier and relationships, and also the founder of Village Workspaces, an award-winning coworking space in Los Angeles. She is also a spokesperson for a number of Fortune 500 companies. This week

In this episode, Dr Keller talks about how to maintain a relationship by being self aware and the long-term secrets of how to be happier.

Check out Village Workspaces: https://www.villageworkspaces.com/

Why all of Dr Sophie Keller’s books start with a quiz [02:19]
The reason anger is a health problem [03:29]
Why “the now” is all that matters [06:26]
How to identify and change your internal thoughts [09:13]
How Sophie used feng shui to bring harmony to her life [11:11]
The importance of having an awesome workplace [12:46]
Why making an impact doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor [13:57]
What types of people are you attracting? [16:10]
How to create harmony within yourself [18:45]
Why you’ll never get a “perfect” partner [19:58]
How to tell if your partner is right for you early on [21:29]
Why you can’t have any doubts about the person you’re marrying [22:53]
Should your partner come before your children? [25:01]
How to work well with your partner [27:29]