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Hi, I’m Dr. Sophie, I have a Ph.D. in positive psychology and wellbeing at work. I am the author of 4 bestselling books on happiness; How Happy is Your health? How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Marriage? And How Happy is Your Home?

My work on happiness and mental health has been featured in a variety of media outlets including The Times, CBS, ABC, and Fox. In addition to writing, and commenting on camera, occasionally, I’m asked to give advice on how to get happier at large company events and to lecture for universities, such as Capital Group, Gano Excel, and Cass Business School.

Brands such as LG, Bank of America, Discovery Networks ask me for help with their wellbeing messaging, to improve connection with their audiences.

As an entrepreneur, I founded luxury coworking spaces, as a practical application of my doctoral research on organizational and positive psychology. I specialized in how to integrate wellbeing and flow into design, to create flourishing workspaces. Soundcloud, Shopify, Vox Media, Billie Eilish’s Management, and Done and Done, are just a few of the brands that have thrived in my spaces.

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