Hi, I’m Dr. Sophie Keller

I have a PhD in workspace wellbeing and am founder of the Village Workspaces. I am also a spokesperson for Fortune 500 Companies. 


My research-driven keynotes and consultations show you how to create a modern, lively and culturally expressive working environment that connects everyone and increases the happiness & productivity of your teams. 

What makes my perspective on  wellbeing in workspaces unique 

is my collective experience in the lifestyle field, including 4 best-selling books, multiple articles, interviews, speaking engagements & TV segments on how to be happier  in your relationships, your health and your home. Dovetailed with 8 years of doctorate research inside coworking spaces & as an owner of award-winning spaces.

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I Love Nothing More…

than seeing how even simple changes in an office space can improve how people interact, their health and work flow.

wellbeing expert - Sophie Keller

I’m also a Brand Ambassador

and having had extensive experience on stage and screen I love partnering with Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America and LG Electronics to help with wellbeing messaging  to launch a new product that is truly going to make a difference to other people’s lives.

Sophie Keller - best brand ambassador

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